Virgin Olive Oil

Pure like the Lesvian Land

Blackbird Virgin Olive Oil, extensively used in cooking but also for raw consumption, has well-balanced flavors and aromas. It is known for its light fruity and medium bitter-pungent attributes. Because it is so affordable and accessible to everyone, it proudly sits on the everyday Greek table. It is produced from mature olives and stands out for its pleasant, slightly sweet aftertaste. It is an olive oil produced exclusively by mechanical means, preserving the olive’s quality features. It is highly suitable for domestic cooking but also for mass consumption and orders from the Catering Sector (hotels, restaurants, nursing centers, military facilities).

Available in very practical 20-liter metal containers.

Orders (above 5 liters) can be shipped abroad (in pallets).

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* The positive aspects of each Organic Olive Oil, determined by organoleptic assessment and according to the intensity of perception (olfactory and gustatory), are reflected in its following three (among others) main attributes:

fruity: intense, medium, or light – greenly or ripely, well-balanced

bitter: intense, medium or light - well balanced or mild

pungent: intense, medium or light - well balanced or mild


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