Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Quality

Blackbird Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium quality olive oil that comes from virgin oil production only. It is made exclusively with mechanical methods and without any further processing that may alter the olive trees or their quality properties. It is of low acidity and characterized by well-balanced flavors and aromas. It is especially recommended for raw consumption for the fullest enjoyment. The sensory features that stand out are the tomato notes and the slightly spicy fragrances of mountain herbs, with the mildly sweet aftertaste.

Available in 500ml glass bottles.

You can order it in its standard packaging, or if you need a larger quantity, we take orders for custom-made capacity bottles.

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* The positive aspects of each Organic Olive Oil, determined by organoleptic assessment and according to the intensity of perception (olfactory and gustatory), are reflected in the following three (among others) primary attributes:

fruity: intense, medium, or light – greenly or ripely, well-balanced

bitter: intense, medium or light - well balanced or mild

pungent: intense, medium or light - well balanced or mild

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