Organic Extra Virgin Olive

A uniquely pure Edible Treasure

By selecting the Blackbird Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil you choose a premium-quality certified olive oil. It is produced directly from organic olives, ground in the early hours, exclusively by mechanical methods and without further processing. The entire traceability journey from the olive groves into the bottle is totally controlled and free of any kind of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You hold in your hands the purest form of natural olive juice! The premium Blackbird Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the highest antioxidant and nutritional value and at the same time contains the lowest acidity possible. It is characterized by intense greenly aromas and well-balanced bitter-pungent flavors. It is especially recommended for raw consumption. The sensory features that stand out are the tomato notes and the slightly spicy fragrances of mountain herbs, with the mildly sweet aftertaste.

Available in 250ml glass bottles.

You can order the gift package (glass in wooden box).

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* The positive aspects of each Organic Olive Oil, determined by organoleptic assessment and according to the intensity of perception (olfactory and gustatory), are reflected in its following three (among others) main attributes:

fruity: intense, medium, or light – greenly or ripely, well-balanced

bitter: intense, medium or light - well balanced or mild

pungent: intense, medium or light - well balanced or mild


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