Timeless Value

Be Well

The Hero of every dish and gastronomical combo

No gastronomic creation is considered complete if it is not finished with the essential authentic olive oil of excellence and superiority. Blackbird comes in these three categories: Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, Extra Virgin olive oil, Virgin olive oil. Each one of them stands out for their distinct tomato notes, herby aromas, mildly sweet aftertaste and of course their trademark -the vibrant-golden color. For maximum “terpsis” (delight in Greek), enjoy them raw right off your finger!

Without the precious contribution of olive oil, even the fanciest dish is considered dull. A top-quality olive oil not only emphasizes and ties together various ingredients but also satisfies the palate in a most beneficially healthy way. Like salt or pepper, the Greek Blackbird olive oil is a must-have in the kitchen.